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Clear Chinchilla Patterned Glass With Best Price

Clear Chinchilla Patterned Glass With Best Price

Patterned Glass Aqualite, Bamboo, Beehive, Canelado, Chinchilla, Crystal, Diamond, Flora, Karatachi, Masterlite, Millennium, Mistlite, Morgon II, Moru, Nashiji, Puzzle, Rain and Wanji etc. Thickness 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, etc. Size 1220X1830mm, 1500X2000mm, 1524X2134mm, 1830X2440mm...

Detailed description

Patterned Glass 

Using the high quality raw materials from both domestic and abroad, such as the silica sand, soda ash, salt cake, dolomite, etc. as our material and then sent to furnace after accurate weighting, checking and mixing, with heavy oil as fuel. They are melted into glass liquid under the high temperature of 1600~1700 centigrade degree. After refining the glass liquid is cooled and flows to the Tin Bath, floating on the surface of tin liquid. Then the shaped glass is annealed in the lehr and comes out as top quality glass to meet our customers' requirements.

Namepatterned glass
Normal Sizes1830x2440mm1500x2000mm1220x1830mm  1830x2134mm
Descriptionpatterned glass, also  known  as  figured  glass,   is  a  kind 
of decorative  translucent  flat  glass  with  embossed patterns  on  one 
or  both  surfaces.   With  the  special  property  of  decoration,   patterned 
glass  can  fully  allow the  light  to  pass  through  and  on  the  other  hand 
can  limit  or  prevent  clear  view  effectively.   It  is  mainly  used on windows,  
indoor  compartment,   bathroom  and  so  on.
Advantages1. Variety  of  patterns  provide  unique  decorative  results:   obscure 
and  quiet, or  sparkling  and  lively,   or  serious  and  elegant,   or  bold 
and  generous...
2. Tangible  stereoscopic  patterns  will  never  fade.
3. Patterned  glass  can  be  cut,   ground,   drilled,   tempered,   laminated 
an printed,   etc.
PatternedsNashiji,   Mistlite,   Morgon, Karatachi, Mascot, Bamboo,   Flora,   Chinchilla,
Millennium,   Aqualite,   Masterlite,   May  flower,   Oceanic,   Kasumi,
Rain-B,   Rain-S,   Diamond,   Water,   Ancient  etc.
PropertyAvoid the light pollution and build good ecological environment.
FunctionIt  is  mainly  used on  windows,   indoor  compartment,   bathroom  and  so  on.
ApplicationArchitecture,   Furniture
PackageSea-worthy Standard Wooden Crates With Interlayer Papers

1. Rich and colorful pattern designs provide unique decorative results: Or obscure and quiet, or sparkling and lively, or serious and elegant, or bold and generous.
2. Tangible stereoscopic patterns will never fade.
3. Each distinctive pattern offers a different level of obscuration, providing privacy without sacrificing natural light.
4. Can be cut, ground, drilled, tempered, laminated and printed, etc.

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1).20 years experience on exporting glass, 800 containers exported one year.

2).Comply with  CE, EN, AS/NZS, ASTM, GB standard.

3).World advanced equipment.

4).Various glass & fast delivery time.

5).Strict quality control management.

6).Professional packing team.

7).Competitive price and top quality.

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