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What Is The Performance Of China's Float Glass Industry In 2018?

Since the second half of 2016, the float glass market has entered a stable profitable state. The expansion of domestic production capacity has been controlled under the increasingly stringent policy. 

In recent years, the rapid expansion of new production capacity abroad has put pressure on the domestic market, especially in 2018. Environmental pressures continue to affect the domestic float glass market for a long time, and the float glass industry chain is experiencing continuous shuffling. According to our reasching, orders of float glass deep-processing enterprises declined year-on-year in 2018. Local real estate regulatory policies have entered a fine-tuning stage, industry sales have steadily declined slightly, the growth rate of development investment has weakened, and the demand for float glass is limited. 

Overall, although the float glass industry remained profitable in 2018, the supply was under pressure, demand was unsatisfactory, and the market was facing certain risks.