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The Reason To Degumming

Degumming is when the laminated glass is finished or installed, the glass and the film are disengaged. The type of degumming is light (also called Asahi), Qu worm or finger like, and the edge is disconnected.


Causes of degumming:

1.       Film thinning: due to the quality of raw materials or the improper way of loading and binding before entering autoclave, the use of strong clamps and other reasons.

2.        glass is not well matched.

3.       Oil, detergent and water molecules in laminated glass make the surface of glass dirty and water on the surface of glass, so that film and glass do not bond firmly.

4.       Moisture in the autoclave causes moisture in the middle of the glass.

5.       Because of the high moisture content of film produced by storage and other reasons, the moisture in the film can not be excluded