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Tempered Glass With High Impact Strength And Higher Safety

The technology of tempered glass is constantly improving and innovating with the demand for architectural glass. The original ornament of glass to the current use of timber is constantly expanding its function is no longer a single, its species no longer seem monotonous! Most of the buildings of today's society can be said to be made of cement, steel and glass. Glass can be fragile, but it can also be hard; glass can be transparent, but it can also be colorful; glass can be thin as paper (0.2mm), it can be infinitely thick (theoretically can reach The). The The The The The

Glass in the construction of the building can be divided into two parts: interior decoration and construction ontology applications. The main building on the building mainly has windows, curtain walls, all kinds of ceiling, sightseeing elevator; balcony, platform corridor of the fence and the atrium in the interior of the building on the main body of the building, such as indoor partitions, bathroom, glass floor, staircase baffle or pedal, Fences, pedestrians for pedestrians, entrances and exits of public buildings, fences and other parts.

Partition wall

Indoor wall must be used safety glass, and tempered glass is a good choice, because the tempered glass with high impact strength (4 to 5 times higher than ordinary flat glass), bending strength (5 times higher than ordinary flat glass) , Higher security, it is best to do the glass partition wall frame processing.

Bathroom Enclosure

When installing the shower room, it should be made of tempered glass. All frameless glass except doors should use tempered glass of not less than 5 mm. The frameless glass door in the bathroom should be used with a thickness of not less than 10 mm frosted or frosted tempered glass is appropriate.

There are two kinds of glass shower room: one is made of ordinary glass, semi-tempered glass or Rewan glass to do bathroom glass, in the winter with hot water or summer with cold water, the glass may burst; another The use of tempered glass manufacturing, security is good, rarely burst, even if there is burst, the fragments are no edges and corners, and rarely splash, less damage.

Glass floor

Need to choose more than 15 mm thick tempered glass, or laminated glass. The glass is so strong that it is not friable. The use of glass is very dazzling, you can create a very avant-garde feeling, but may be too slippery, not safe, so the glass platform can create a good visual effect, but also easy to slip, and the corner is not easy to deal with, so In the production of the ground with the glass or when the platform to make some anti-skid treatment or directly with frosted tempered glass, 10-20 dollars more expensive than the ordinary tempered glass.


Glass ceiling for aisle ceiling. Avoid using a large area of the ceiling glass, even if the use of metal, wood or gypsum to the glass ceiling separated into a grid. Because the glass from the major, for safety reasons, the ceiling glass thickness is generally controlled at 5-8 mm.


Glass pedal can be a single piece of tempered glass (need to use more than 18mm of tempered glass), you can also use laminated glass (generally selected 10mm +10 mm laminated glass, can also be used monolithic laminated glass (the upper layer of tempered glass , The lower layer can be ordinary glass, mainly to see its bearing capacity). You can choose transparent, can also frost, folder wire, etc., but must be anti-skid treatment, to have a certain light and flatness. Such as the use of frosted tempered glass, not only can play a non-slip effect, but also can greatly compensate for the glass stairs in the visual sense of security deficiencies.

Building ontology:

Ceiling (including sunroof, lighting top)

Tempered glass has a high impact resistance, bending and quenching and cooling performance, when the glass is broken, the fragment is small and no acute angle. It can also be made of laminated glass or hollow tempered glass, all of which belong to the type of safety glass. But in the actual selection process not only to consider the security, but also consider the economic issues. (Architectural glass technical requirements, the top of the lighting is 5 meters above the ground above the glass to use laminated glass, while in order to safety as much as possible to choose steel laminated glass.

Door (mainly refers to the entrance of public buildings, foyers, etc.)

For glass and glass, it is necessary to use safety glass when the glass area is greater than or equal to 0.5 square meter. Frameless glass must use safety glass and the thickness is not less than 10mm.