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Tempered Glass Good Quality And Stable Performance

What are the requirements for the thickness of tempered glass installation? Depending on the purpose, the thickness selection is also different.

It is understood that the quality of tempered glass, stable performance, widely used in residential, hotel, hotel, office building, schools, hospitals, shops and other occasions. can also be used for trains, automobiles, ships and other places.

And in the choice of tempered glass, the thickness depends on the size of the glass and window, larger glass to choose a thicker. This ensures the firmness of the glass.

In addition, in the selection of tempered glass, if it is high-rise building, then a little thicker than the multi-layer. Coastal areas, especially those with frequent typhoons, and the larger inland parts of the sand should be thicker. In conclusion, the local climatic conditions and floors need to be taken into account when choosing.

Tempered glass According to the different uses of glasses can be divided into full tempered glass, half tempered glass, regional tempered glass, flat tempered glass, curved tempered glass and other types.

The General civil tempered glass is to pass through the heat treatment process, to increase its strength 3 to 5 times times, so can withstand a certain amount of energy outside impact or temperature changes without fragmentation, or even if broken, but also the whole piece of glass into a similar honeycomb-like obtuse small particles, not easy to hurt people, thus has a certain degree of security.

But no matter what kind of tempered glass can not be cut, want to cut the need to cut the size before the tempering, if the late cut will appear the whole piece of the case, so be sure to pay attention!

What are the main features of tempered glass? What are the advantages of applying in factories and offices?

1, simple layout, reasonable structure, elegant appearance.

2. Convenient installation, easy disassembly and two times reuse.

3, tempered glass material, excellent quality, fine workmanship and has at least 5 years of quality assurance.

4, weak electricity project supporting installation, at the same time pay attention to the reasonable installation of integrated wiring system, can do line maintenance at any time, safe, convenient, beautiful, and tempered glass with a strong decorative.

5, Safety and environmental protection: tempered glass without glue, no paint, no odor, fire, moisture, earthquake, not deformation, thus can give you a healthy and comfortable office space.

6, simple and quick: Factory prefabrication, on-site rapid assembly. Can be arbitrarily appended, relocation rectification, 100% reuse, shorten your construction cycle, fast check-in new office.

7, flexible and diverse: tempered glass can be free to adjust the light, dust-free design, a variety of materials and color personality collocation, so that you have unlimited creativity, personality only belong to you.

8, the function is complete: can install the wall switch, the power supply may receive the wall body, the disassembly and repair is convenient, your space you decide, the use is handy.