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Slack Season Influence Continues In China Glass Industry

Launched glass production lines continue to release capacity and due lines are scheduled to delay cool repairing, which brings imbalance between supplying and demanding in some regions. Total float glass production lines are 366 lines across the nation, 1 line more than last week. Overall capacity reaches to 1.312 billion weight boxes and operating lines arrive at 236 lines with operating ratio of 64.48 percents. Domestic float glass daily melting amount lands at 152,860 tons, increasing 950 tons compared with last week. Inventory of production lines hits at 31.83 million weight boxes, which drops 280,000 weight boxes than last week.

Impacted by slack season, demands from downstream market tend to be weak in recent. Due to hot weather in Northern China and wet weather in Southern China, it is difficult to arrange glass transportation and its inventory. Restricted by capitals and less demands from real estate projects, processing companies placeorders by transactions. Manufacturers in some regions employ sales promotions to push delivery, while trade war pulls down the delivery. Thus total delivery keeps generally steady and market tends to be stable.