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Silk Screen Glass Can Improve The Printing Effect

Silk screen glass is a kind of application of glass screen printing process, in the glass surface decoration printing, and then made of high temperature made of a decorative glass.

Glass screen printing, is the use of screen printing plate, the use of glass glaze, in the glass products for decorative printing. Glass glaze, also known as glass ink, glass, it is from the coloring material, the material is mixed with a paste from the paste. The coloring material consists of inorganic pigments, low melting flux (lead glass powder); link material in the glass screen printing industry commonly known as Lee plate oil. After printing the glass products, to set the stove to 520 ~ 600 ℃ temperature firing, printing to the glass surface of the glaze can be consolidated in the glass, the formation of colorful decorative patterns. If the silk screen and other processing methods and use, will get a more satisfactory results. For example, the use of polishing, sculpture, corrosion and other methods before or after printing on the glass surface processing, can double to improve the printing effect.

That in the end is how to produce silk screen glass? Here, we introduce the specific process of silk screen glass, Stretch → Sizing → Drying → Drying → Development → Drying ↓ Flat glass → Cutting → Edging → Cleaning → Drying → Printing ↓ Sintering, although looking at the process is quite simple , But the specific operation also need to pay attention to many places:

1, suitable for printing glass according to user requirements cut glass, can be a regular shape, it can be irregular shape, and then back grinding, and then clean, dry stand. Here should pay special attention to the glass surface can not have water marks.

2, the choice of screen printing glass screen printing plate with the general screen printing plate, the same choice of glass screen printing synthetic fiber mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, natural fiber mesh. When the general color pigment, the screen can be, the general selection of cheap synthetic fiber mesh; as gold and silver decoration, you can not choose stainless steel wire mesh. Screen specifications generally use 270 to 300 mesh.

3, the choice of the current frame is more formal, little deformation of the grid is the aluminum alloy frame, its size should be larger than the pattern, the specific size should be the outer edge of the pattern should be between 70 ~ 100mm frame. In addition to select the network box, its strength is very important, the key is horizontal enough rigidity.

4, Stretch screen selection of the screen and the network frame, the combination of the two, which is stretched. Stretching a lot of ways, you can use manual, mobile, pneumatic a variety of ways, the current more advanced, can stretch high-quality screen is pneumatic stretch machine. Stretching the requirements of the tension is uniform, net latitude and longitude to maintain vertical, sticky glue to be strong, can not relax.

In addition to the glass screen printing, printing supplies network also with everyone to understand another kind of glass printing technology, is the glass products etching screen printing, for a long time, glass products, etching decoration, is in the glass surface layer of hot wax and other reinforcement materials, as anti- Etching layer, and then in the coating with a needle, knife and other carved pattern pattern, exposing the glass surface, and then in this part of the fluoride acid corrosion. This process continues to have manufacturers applications, but its processing methods time-consuming, laborious, inefficient. Silk screen etching process, so that the etching of glass products become simple, time-saving, effort.

Glass etching silk screen, there are two kinds of hot and cold printed method. Thermoplastic etching silk screen, is the paraffin, asphalt, stearic acid and other prepared by the adhesive, add a small amount of anti-corrosion powder modulation into corrosion, through the hot screen version, according to the design drawings, To the glass surface, forming a resist film. Corrosion-resistant film on the part of the Korean jewelry wholesale, that is, need to etching the pattern. Etching is carried out using chlorofluoric acid. After etching, rinse off the resist layer printed on glass with boiling water. Glass screen printing etching, can also be used cold printing method. Anti-corrosion printing can be used special asphalt paint plus anti-corrosion powder, can also buy commercially available anti-ink. After the printing is completed, until the resist film is completely dry, can be hydrofluoric acid corrosion. Hot prints are suitable for two consecutive, quadrilateral pattern pattern etch, cold prints for individual pattern etch.