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Silk Screen Glass A Special Decorative Effect

For a long time, the etching of Silk Screen Glass products is in the Silk Screen Glass surface layer of hot wax and other reinforcement material, as a resist layer, and then on the coating with a needle, knife and other carved pattern pattern, exposing the Silk Screen Glass surface, and then This site was hydrofluoric acid for corrosion. This process continues to have manufacturers applications, but its processing methods time-consuming, laborious, inefficient. In the case of

Silk screen etching process, so that the etching of Silk Screen Glass products become simple, time-saving, effort.Silk Screen Glass etching silk screen, there are two kinds of hot and cold printed method. In the case of

Thermoplastic etching silk screen, is the paraffin, asphalt, stearic acid and other prepared by the adhesive, adding a small amount of anti-corrosion powder modulation into corrosion, through the hot screen version, according to the design drawings, To the Silk Screen Glass surface, forming a resist film. The part of the film that exposes the Silk Screen Glass on the resist film is the pattern that needs to be etched. Etching is carried out using chlorofluoric acid, and after etching, the resist layer printed on the Silk Screen Glass is rinsed with water. In the case of

Silk Screen Glass screen printing etching, can also be carried out by cold printing method. Anti-corrosion printing can be used special asphalt paint plus anti-corrosion powder, can also buy commercially available anti-ink. After the printing is completed, until the resist film is completely dry, can be hydrofluoric acid corrosion.

Hot prints are suitable for two consecutive, quadrilateral pattern pattern etch, cold prints to adapt to individual pattern etch.

Binghua commonly known as orange peel, it is actually very small low melting point Silk Screen Glass particles. This small Silk Screen Glass particles, lead composition is high, color and colorless two, color hue with red, yellow, blue, green, white, can also be prepared in the middle tone. In the case of

Silk decoration ice decoration, elegant and generous, and more for architectural Silk Screen Glass decoration and arts and crafts Silk Screen Glass decoration, such as high Silk Screen Glass ware, lighting and other decoration.

Silk Screen Glass ice decoration, is the first in the Silk Screen Glass surface silk screen color or colorless Silk Screen Glass flux layer (flux), and then the ice Silk Screen Glass particles scattered on this layer of  Silk Screen Glass flux layer, through 500 ℃ ~ 590 ℃ sintering, the silk Screen Glass The surface of the flux layer and the ice layer of particles are eutectic and produce relief effect. If the silk is printed on the color of the flux, and micro-ice is transparent, through the high temperature eutectic, then the Silk Screen Glass ice pattern pattern of the molten layer fade, and in the Silk Screen Glass surface to form a colored, uplift transparent relief pattern.

Frosting is in the Silk Screen Glass on the product, adhere to a certain size of the Silk Screen Glass glaze powder, after 580 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ high temperature baking, the Silk Screen Glass glaze coating melted on the Silk Screen Glass surface, and showed a different color with the silk Screen Glass A decorative method. Adhesive Silk Screen Glass glaze powder, can be used to brush pen, can also be used roller roll. In the case of

Through the silk screen processing, you can get the masonry surface empty pattern. The method is: on the surface of Silk Screen Glass products, silk screen by a layer of resistance to the formation of patterns. To be printed on the pattern pattern air-dried, and then Frosting processing. And then after high temperature baking, no pattern pattern at the surface of the frosted surface will melt in the Silk Screen Glass surface, and silk screen pattern due to the role of resistance agent, masked in the sand surface can not be deposited in the Silk Screen Glass surface. After baking the transparent floor empty pattern through the translucent sand surface and show out to form a special decorative effect.

Mengshi silk screen resistance flux, from ferric oxide, talcum powder, clay and other components, with a ball mill grinding, fineness of 350 mesh, silk screen before the use of adhesive blending.