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Silk Screen Glass A Long History

Silk Screen Glass printing refers to the glass plate or glass containers as the main product used in the screen printing. The use of glass in China has a long history, even in the modern today, the glass is still in our lives occupies an important position. At present, the financial crisis, such as "tsunami", which originated in Wall Street in the United States, generally impacted the nerves of the world and had a certain impact on the economies of the world.

Since 2008, the international oil prices soared, the appreciation of the renminbi, the export tax rebate has been reduced, has been China's screen printing industry, export-oriented enterprises have a negative impact, the global financial crisis, the original low profits, difficult business printing Enterprises, it is even worse, especially small and medium-sized packaging and printing enterprises. In addition, the implementation of the new labor law, the increase in labor costs increased printing business costs, coupled with its downstream customers pay serious, resulting in financial chain tension or even broken, an increase of printing business difficulties. Therefore, the screen printing enterprises should be rational combination of the actual situation and product characteristics, with the lowest production costs, the highest production efficiency for customer service. In this opportunity and challenges coexist conditions, the screen printing applications in glass products, is undoubtedly a very effective response measures, can increase the market development efforts, the opening of a variety of marketing channels.

Glass as a building decoration materials with a smooth and transparent, can block the wind and rain, easy to scrub and so on. After the screen after the glass for indoor and outdoor decoration more popular, greatly to meet people's lives and aesthetic needs, a variety of magnificent patterns contests, make the best, Now the glass container has begun to the development of medical supplies, industrial supplies, the use of screen printing technology decorative glass products will become a high quality of glass printing a new growth point.

Now China's screen printing technology continues to improve, silk screen machine is also more and more intelligent, from semi-automatic gradually to the automatic purchase, effectively saving manpower, which for the continuous expansion of screen printing technology to provide possible. We use the Shenzhen Fufa Silk Screen Glass printing machine for printing, there are several points to note, I hope you can note:

1, screen printing, the ink control

Ink effect, will affect the screen printing effect, ink quality, will affect the printing, in the printing, the need to control the ink speed, rich Silk Screen Glass printing machine to ensure that the ink can be uniform, once finished ink, let After drying, can only move.

2. Screen printing, printing rate control

Screen printing speed, it can be considered control, for automatic screen printing machine, it can set their own, do not need too many people to operate, and for non-automatic screen printing presses, the silk screen , May require people to watch, the printing speed may be slower.

3, rich Silk Screen Glass printing machine printing, the printing of the printing screen printing machine, the printing effect is good or bad, in addition to equipment and related, but also and printed matter, printed matter if there is water, or dirty, Will cause the ink on the situation, such as the impact of printing, so before printing items, to do the printing of the clean. Operation of the use of screen printing presses, the need for specialized operators, the use of operating equipment need to be trained, qualified training before they can operate machinery and equipment, the operator to learn more about the various matters, as well as mechanical failure problems in order to failure, Can be shut down in time to protect the mechanical equipment is damaged.