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Security Analysis Of Sandwich Glass Security

Sandwich glass is a special intermediate film between two or more layers of glass, and then made by high temperature and high pressure integrated deep processing glass.

Laminated glass has better safety. Thieves use electric tools or gas torch cutting, can not destroy the glass as a whole, can prevent broken windows into the room to provide a good security guarantee.

This laminated glass has a strong impact resistance, such as hammers, fire axes, wood cleavers, etc. are helpless. This is because the special intermediate film has strong tensile strength, ductility and other physical properties, it is extremely difficult to cut the laminated glass only from one side, that is, the burglar will break the glass, because the intermediate layer and the glass has been firmly adhered to one body, still can maintain integrity, the burglar is still unable to enter the room.

This kind of laminated glass also has good energy-saving and environmental protection performance. When the sun shines directly on a colorless laminated glass, the intermediate film can absorb most of the heat, radiate only a small part of the heat to the indoor, and make the indoor and outdoor heat energy is not easy to conduct, reducing heat consumption, thus maintaining indoor temperature, but also reducing Less air conditioning and energy consumption. In addition, the color intermediate membrane