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Scientists Found That The Thinnest Glass Is Only One Molecule Thick

An accidental discovery has led to the creation of the world's thinnest glass, which is just one molecule thick.

David mahler, a professor of applied and engineering physics at Cornell university in the United States, stumbled upon the glass, which is so thin that its silicon and oxygen atoms are visible under a microscope.

Prof muller found some "silt" when he extracted pure graphene, which analysis confirmed was a glass layer of silicon and oxygen.The researchers hypothesized that the gas leak caused the reaction between the copper foil used to make graphene and the quartz furnace to form the ultra-thin glass.

The discovery also gives scientists a new understanding of the core structure of glass."Looking back on my career, I'm very proud of this discovery," muller said. "it's the first time we've seen the arrangement of atoms in glass."

The discovery is now in the guinness book of world records.The scientists speculate that the ultra-thin material may be used to improve the performance of computer and smartphone processors.