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Reflective Glass Film Can Fully Prevent Ultraviolet Rays

Many families with office building with a large French window, daylighting is good, wide view, on the other hand will make the entire decoration pattern grade, but many people don't know, common glass can only cut off 19% of the ultraviolet ray, near the window there is a range of ultraviolet (uv) radiation, a large number of direct uv light through the glass or reflection to this area, if long-term stay near the window, will also be long-term exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, become dark yellow, wrinkles, skin will also damage the eyes, and the area of furniture, sofa get the fade with damaged goods.

Qingdao Creation Classic company building reflective glass film can fully prevent ultraviolet rays, and can prevent 20-80% outdoor glare pollution in the future, improve the environmental quality of indoor space, protect our skin health, reduce economic losses, simple installation, time consuming and effortless.