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Profits For Glass Manufacturers Raising Along With Booming Real Estate Industry

Calculated based on in-production lines, future supplying amount will increase steadily with production lines enhancing in May and June. For the demanding end, the tradition peak months for glass industry are in March, April and August, which are based on capacity and inventory. Moreover, November and December also become peak months for glass industry, due to booming season in real estate field. 

Contrasted by accelerating speed of supply and increasing speed of demand, glass quotations become less and less related to supply-demand relationship in recent three years. Even supply surpassing demand, glass rates do not fall. Apart from manufacturers sticking to keep prices unchanged, the market tendency also influences rates a lot.

Besides, rates become less relevant with inventory and prices lower slightly only under big storage pressure. Manufacturers’ profits raise along with booming real estate fields and environmental protections. Glass quotations will not follow soda ash to decrease, but glass manufacturers enhance prices with quotations of soda ash increasing.