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Processed Glass Thermal Conductivity Is Very Good

Improve the technical performance of insulating Processed Glass equipment:

1 glass plane size

Increasing the size of the insulating glass can reduce the heat loss per unit area of the insulating glass and improve the overall insulation effect of the insulating glass. As already mentioned, there are three modes of energy transfer, convective heat transfer, radiant heat transfer and conduction heat transfer.

2 glass heat permeability

In the above analysis, we can understand that if the use of reasonable space layer design and construction, the basic can control the convection and conduction heat transfer through the insulating glass. The heat transfer of insulating glass is mainly carried out in the form of radiation heat transfer. If the ordinary transparent glass with high transmittance and low reflectance (radiant) is used,Processed Glass the insulating property of the insulating glass is higher than that of the high reflection (radiation) Glass or low-e glass is much lower.

3 Insulation of the edge of the insulating glass

On the one hand, if the insulating edge of the insulating glass is not good, the proportion of the water vapor entering the inside of the insulating glass through the sealant layer is increased and the speed of the failure of the insulating glass is accelerated. Any kind of product, regardless of its initial performance is good, but its life is very short, this product can not be said to be a good product; the other hand,Processed Glass if the hollow glass edge material thermal conductivity is good, then through The heat transfer between the edge of the insulating glass and the sealant of the glass is relatively large, and the thermal insulation coefficient of the insulating glass is improved and the thermal insulation performance is deteriorated.

4 gas types and humidity between air layers

In the hollow glass filled with inert gas, can reduce the insulating glass insulation, sound insulation properties, such as filling argon and sulfur fluoride can be improved by insulating glass insulation, sound insulation performance; hollow glass internal water vapor Content increases,Processed Glass both the internal condensation and even water, thus affecting the aesthetic effect of insulating glass, hollow glass will also lead to increased heat transfer coefficient, reduce the heat insulation effect.

5 The thickness of the gas compartment

Mainly through the control of the thickness of the hollow glass inside the formation of turbulent air flow as far as possible control of the hot and cold air flow to interfere with each other or to make it up and down the air interference to control the generation of convective heat transfer.