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Processed Glass The Development Of Functional Diversification Of Products

 Flat glass is mainly used for construction projects, in 2009 to the end of 2010 this time period, the entire production and sales of flat glass is a good trend, but from the first half of 2011 to the slope of the road, part of the The impact of the real estate market, the other part because the entire industry's production structure is irrational, expansion and management of the existence of the lack of business. Fortunately, flat glass can be processed into hollow glass, vacuum glass, embossed glass, stained glass and so on. So what about the future trend of flat Processed Glass?

It is understood that the core of the development of flat Processed Glass should be the total control, adjust the product structure, through technological innovation, optimize the process and other measures to develop the processing of glass manufacturing industry, the development of functional diversification of processed glass products.

In addition to the need to improve the processing rate of flat glass and processing glass value-added rate. Appropriate to encourage the development of integrated production and processing enterprises in order to adapt to building energy efficiency, automotive industry, electronic information, daily necessities and other industries rapid development of multi-demand.

In the development of flat Processed Glass to avoid the occurrence of blind expansion and other phenomena, to increase talent management and technological innovation awards, although the lower threshold, technical content is also low, but in order to maintain rapid development depends on energy conservation, security As well as the development of new products, along with the increase in environmental protection efforts, we should pay attention to deal with the glass produced when the waste water.

In today's society, the glass has been popular to the people's lives, everywhere you can see the glass products, we drink glass, glass windows, glass doors, computer monitors on the screen glass, and glass building, etc., we come Talk about the electronic class, the display class of glass is how the Processed Glass plant from the processing.

1: the original film selection: first of all do Processed Glass, of course, have to have the original glass, ordinary Processed Glass plant is not the original film, only a large glass company to produce the original film.

2: glass size cutting: the size of the original film itself is very large, generally more than three meters long, more than two meters wide. Cutting can be said that the first step in Processed Glass, the staff will be based on the size of the customer drawings to calculate how to cut this piece of the original film. This algorithm must take into account the size of the glass behind the side. So there is tolerance of this argument.

3: glass edging chamfer: just cut the glass is scratching the glass side of the glass will be very sharp, the customer will require edging, but the edge of the grinding edge with the edge of the fog,Processed Glass installed in the box Fog edge on the line, this can also reduce costs, polished side of the glass is a high degree of beauty of the customer requirements. After the edging is chamfering, chamfering also have the experts of the chamfering machine, through the chamfering function of the precise pour out the desired R angle.

4: steel: steel has a sub-physical steel with chemical steel, we talk about the physical steel, physical steel is the glass inside the tempered furnace heated to a certain extent, and then cooled to the glass after the hardness increased. Customers will require glass steel, so that security. Tempered glass is also known as safety glass.

5: silk screen: some glass will go through this step, because customers want to print on the glass in some patterns, the company logo and so on. Silk screen also has high temperature silk screen with low temperature silk screen,Processed Glass high temperature silk screen will be in the steel step before. Silk screen room to be relatively clean. This ink will not be mixed into the magazine. Silk screen out of the effect will be better.

6: cleaning test packaging: the last glass to be detected by the inspector to pass, the problem of glass will be selected, and some invalid, and some can no longer work. Good glass through the film machine film, and then kraft paper packaging.