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Precautions For Glass Handling

  • To prevent the safety of friends, sum up some precautions for loading and unloading glass

1. In order to avoid unnecessary loss during transportation, it is necessary to fix and add soft pads.Vertical method of transport is generally recommended.Vehicles should also be kept steady and slow.

2. If the other side of the glass installation is closed, please pay attention to clean the surface before installation.It is recommended to use special glass cleaner and to be installed after it has been dried and proved to be free of stains. It is recommended to use clean building gloves during installation.

3. For the installation of glass, silicone sealant shall be used for fixation. In the installation of Windows, it shall be combined with rubber sealing strip.

4. After the construction, pay attention to the anti-collision warning sign, which can be used in general, such as non-stick, color electrical tape.

5. Do not collide with sharp objects.