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Ordinary Flat Glass Characteristic

Good size flat glass products have the following characteristics:

1) is a colourless or slightly greenish

2) the thickness of the glass should be uniform, size should be standardized

3) with little or no air bubbles, stones and cord, scratches and other defects.

When users purchase glass, you can put two pieces of glass together, match, when opened, leaving a great deal of effort, then the glass is smooth

Addition to carefully observation glass in the has no bubble, and stone and wave reinforced, and designated marks,, quality good of glass from 60 cm far, back light eye observation, not allows has big of or concentrated of bubble, not allows has deficiency angle or crack child, glass surface allows see wave reinforced, and line road of maximum angle not should over 45 degrees; designated marks sand should to less for better.

Glass long-term storage in wet places, leukoma will form a layer on the surface, so that the transparency of glass can be significantly reduced, to be aware of when selecting