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Ordinary Flat Glass

Also known as ordinary flat glass window. Flat glass with light, heat insulation, sound insulation performance, wear resistance, resistance, climate change, and some also have features such as thermal insulation, heat, radiation, and thus widely used in mosaic building doors, Windows, walls, interior decoration and so on.

Specification according to the thickness of flat glass is usually divided into 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm, also 8mm and 10MM. General 2mm, 3mm apply to civilian buildings, 4mm--6mm for industrial and high-rise buildings.

Affecting the quality of flat glass defects include bubbles, stones and cord. Bubbles is lurking in the vitreous cavity is in the cooling stage of the manufacturing process caused by the careless handling of. Stone, commonly known as pimples, also known as sand, is present in the solid inclusions in glass, which is the most dangerous defects in vitreous, it not only undermines the appearance of glass and optical homogeneity, and will greatly reduce the mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass products, even make products-fragmentation.