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On The Increase Of Export Glass Rebate Rate

The ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation jointly issued a notice, saying that in order to further simplify the tax system and improve the export tax rebate policy, the VAT rebate rate for some products will be adjusted.

-- increase the export tax rebate rate to 16% for products such as photographic film, plastic products, bamboo flooring, straw and rattan woven fabric, toughened safety glass, lamps and lanterns.

-- increase the export tax rebate rate for products such as lubricants, aircraft tires, carbon fiber and some metal products to 13%.

-- increase the export rebate rate to 10 percent for some agricultural products, bricks, tiles, glass fiber and other products.

Export products other than those referred to above shall be subject to an export tax rebate of up to 16% if the original tax rebate rate is 15%.Where the original export tax rebate rate is 9%, the export tax rebate rate shall be increased to 10%;If the original tax rebate rate is 5%, the tax refund rate shall be raised to 6%.