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Mr Cao:China's first glass maker

  He spent 40 years in manufacturing and 20 years investing in America. He is one of the earliest Chinese private entrepreneurs to go international and the first person to win the anti-dumping case in China. The 70-year-old entrepreneur who still sticks to the entrepreneurial road,Mr Cao.

  An accidental opportunity, cao dewang found that at that time China auto glass almost all rely on imports, not only high prices, but also a piece of hard to get. Holding the dream of making a piece of glass for Chinese people, in 1987, cao dewang set up fuyao automobile glass co., ltd. in a joint venture with others and made the first bucket of gold in his life.

  In the early 1990s, most people didn't know much about stocks, much less about buying paper with real money. At that time, cao dewang once again became the first person to follow suit in China. As the first private enterprise in fujian province, he was listed on the Shanghai stock exchange and became the only listed company with a cash dividend as high as 18 times.

  In addition to operating enterprises and creating profit value, cao dewang actively fulfilled his social responsibility. Since 1983, he has donated more than 11 billion yuan to various causes.Mr.Cao once said affectionately: "no reform and opening up, no I, no reform and opening up, no fuyao, this is China's thing. The 40 years of reform and opening up were also the 40 years of cao dewang's entrepreneurship. Cao dewang takes national needs as his mission every step, resonates with the reform and opening-up policy, and sticks to the manufacturing industry for 40 years. At present, fuyao group has ranked the first in China and the second in the world in automobile glass production field, and become an international brand representing China's glass industry.