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Glass mold industry-wide problem, glass mold (that is, anti-alkali) chemical reactions, changing the nature of glass surface, appeared in the Sun's radiation on the surface a rainbow, mold, watermark, mimeographed, paper patterns and so on.

Weathering of glass appear in the production and transportation process, mold the glass surface after losing luster, lose transparency, Rainbow, white spots or patches (not separated), seriously affected the quality of float glass product, result in reduced image in enterprise customers, but also the impact of product prices. Especially in the case of current glass market remains in the doldrums, enterprises continued to maintain strong competition and important initiatives is to further improve quality, minimize glass caused by moldy scrap rates and lower production costs.

Therefore, selecting a good antifungal products is particularly important. At present, the weathering of glass protecting the main mold powder mildew, across the three main types of liquid paper mold, mildew and fungus proof. This three antifungal powder-best in class products, is a Nano-polymer, environmentally friendly, efficient, easy to clean and so on. Import mold powder for the quality of the materials and strict production requirements have a glass enterprises, but its high price makes glass in awe, serious cost increase, has been unable to fulfill the needs of enterprise advocates cost savings. In recent years, the rise of domestic mould powder is made up for this lack of price only 1/3 per cent of imported fine quality on the part of the company's products have reached even higher than the international level, in full compliance with domestic demand for glass production, glass and higher value-added products, mold products using more and more attention. Market development of high-end glass glass, a new generation of "coconut" type mold products, greatly improving the glass mold isolated effects and cleaning and so on. Currently, this type of coconut shell mold products have independent intellectual property rights owned by the only mold powder of green technology developed by the company, and gradually succeeded to the high end glass manufacturers. And for every paper mold, although simple, mildew effect, can be recycled, but because of its high cost, places long prone to paper shortages were gradually replaced by powder products. Antifungal products are still not mature enough, the market rate is not high, takes too long to easily lead to cleaning dirty and so on.