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Leaded Glass Vs. Normal Glass

Leaded glass, commonly known as crystal, can look and feel similar to regular glass if you do not know what to look for. Many people don't even realize there is a difference. Leaded glass is made up of the same basic components as manufactured glass, with the addition of one important ingredient: lead oxide. This chemical is used by glassmakers during firing as a quality enhancement. Leaded glass is used for more detailed glassware, and can usually be distinguished from ordinary glass based on physical properties like cut and clarity. To properly determine whether a product is made from leaded glass or regular glass, you will need to follow these steps.

Judge Clarity

Due to a higher lead content, crystal has a high optical clarity, often appearing clear or even white in color, hence the term "crystal clear." Glass cannot achieve the same level of purity, therefore glass objects often have a yellowish/greenish cast or tint instead.

Compare Cuts

The addition of lead to glass not only enhances clarity, it also softens the glass, making it easier to cut. Unleaded glass cuts will be rougher and more obvious to the touch, whereas in crystal the cuts have a more refined texture and precise look.

Compare Weight

The addition of lead to a glass object will increase it's molecular density, causing crystal to be noticeably heavier than glass. Hold your glass object in one hand and the crystal object in another. The crystal will be heavier and denser than the glass object.

Tap the Brim

When struck, crystal will transmit a clear ringing sound or "ding." Tap your crystal object and test its sound clarity. The clearer the ring, the higher the lead content. Tap your glass object and you will notice the glass only makes a dull thumping sound. This is because crystal is bonded together more closely due to the lead content and therefore absorbs less energy than ordinary glassware.

Hold in Light

The simplest way to tell the difference between glass and leaded crystal is to hold each object up to a light source. Crystal is well known for its refraction and its inherent ability to bend light. If you hold an object up to the light and it sparkles and throws the light into a dazzling pattern, this object is made of leaded crystal, not regular glass.

By following this guide, you'll be able to tell whether something is made of leaded or regular glass.