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Laser Cutting Thin Glass Technology

Nowadays, the quality of glass products is more and more demanding. Besides considering the properties of different materials, machining technology must also achieve more precise, detailed and pure machining results. Innovative laser cutting technology has become the standard of glass cutting in many industries.In growing markets such as electronics, innovative technology for glass cutting is urgently needed.

The traditional glass cutting method USES carbide or diamond cutter, which is widely used in many applications. The cutting process is divided into two steps.First, the glass is used with diamond tip or carbide grinding wheel, which produces a crack on the surface of the glass.After that, the second step is to use mechanical means to separate the glass along the crack line.

However, there are some defects in this method.Removal of the material will result in the generation of debris, fragments and micro-cracks, which will reduce the strength of the cutting edge and require another cleaning process.The deep crack resulting from this process is usually not perpendicular to the glass surface, because the dividing line generated by mechanical forces is generally non-vertical.Furthermore, the loss of output caused by mechanical forces applied to thin glass is also a negative factor.