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Insulated Glass Better Use

First, the construction of the existing problems

1, the quality of the material used does not meet the requirements

Insulated Glass exposed to the air, by the sun, the role of erosion medium, must be used in line with the relevant provisions of the national norms of materials in order to ensure the quality of the project, but the actual construction, there are many curtain wall aluminum column and bar walls Specification requirements. Some of the aluminum design of the use of ordinary grade materials and anodic oxide film thickness of less than 15μm, does not meet the requirements of anti-corrosion; some engineering design requirements is tempered glass, but selected semi-steel or ordinary coated glass, glass strength, there are security risks; Some parts of the project to open the fan selection of stainless steel sliding support stiffness is very easy to cause serious deformation.

2, component production quality does not meet the requirements

Component production quality does not meet the requirements, is the Insulated Glass construction quality of the important reasons for failure. If the aluminum alloy profile cutting accuracy is poor, adjacent components assembly gap is too large or too small; some curtain wall glass cutting, due to the end of chamfer chamfering treatment, it is easy to cause the corner stress concentration of glass fragmentation ; Some hidden frame Insulated Glass using the construction site to fight the method, but no purification measures, can not guarantee the relative humidity and temperature requirements, but also can not avoid the structural adhesive and glass bonding pollution, it is difficult to ensure the quality of production.

3, quality assurance information aspects of the problem

Most of the Insulated Glass project is incomplete, non-standard, missing more items and other issues, such as the use of imported materials without commodity inspection report, and some structural adhesive material no valid period, no compatibility test report; most engineering lack of aluminum Quality certificate and high-precision indicators and the thickness of the oxide film test that the lack of building sealing materials and fire protection materials factory certificate; some hidden engineering acceptance of the lack of fire nodes, lightning nodes, the activities of the joint node of the detailed records.

Second, the construction often encountered quality problems and prevention measures

In view of the above problems in the construction of the various problems, the following main met the quality of the problems encountered by a little prevention and control measures for reference.

(A) curtain wall embedded parts leakage and offset

1, the reasons for the analysis

1) In the construction of civil construction, the glass installation unit has yet to be determined, it is likely due to no curtain wall embedded parts of the design drawings and can not be embedded.

2) the original design of the building without considering the glass program. And later use the Insulated Glass decoration, in the structure without embedded parts.

3) In the construction of the main building, the embedded parts did not take fixed measures, in the concrete pouring and vibrating shift occurred.

2, treatment methods

1) the main body without embedding in the installation of the Insulated Glass, the first to determine the installation of embedded parts of the specifications and methods, to enter the design, civil engineering, installation units to determine the common study can not all use the expansion bolts and the main connection Should be added every 3 to 4 layers of an anchor connection, expansion bolts can only be used as part of the additional connection measures. The expansion bolts used should be in a shear state.

 2) For the occurrence of the embedded parts of the problem, first of all should be clear to see the embedded parts of the situation, playing a good axis in order to correct. Such as offset more than 20mm, to take stitching measures; such as recessed more than 10mm, the first welding steel plate to meet the required elevation before they can be installed.

3, preventive measures

1) embedded parts should be buried in the special technology before the end to ensure that the embedded parts of the specifications, models, location is correct, to prevent vibration in the displacement, to ensure the installation of embedded parts quality.

2) Where the design of a Insulated Glass works, in the civil construction will implement the installation unit, and provide the location of embedded parts design. Embedded parts of the embedded installation should be responsible for the person, and at any time for the acceptance of hidden works. The pouring of concrete should be carried out in a dense and compact manner, and can not touch the embedded parts to ensure that the embedded parts are accurate.