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How About Glass Market Trend At The End Of Year

  As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, glass processing enterprises are running at a reduced rate. Even for the enterprises that start construction, most of them are based on the orders undertaken in the early stage, and the new orders won't be purchased until after the Spring Festival holiday. Affected by the recent spot glass manufacturers out of the speed of the month-on-month weakened, from the north to the south in order to increase. At present, south China processing enterprises can maintain about late. From manufacturer clinch a deal the price looks, had partial area to begin to loosen slightly, with increasing go out of storage and collect fund, but the price whole that has not formed area adjusts. The manufacturer's sales policy is expected to be released on the 15th of this month. From the manufacturers' delivery situation, the inventory has been accumulated for two consecutive weeks, but the overall increase is still within the controllable range, with a certain degree of year-on-year increase, at present, most manufacturers are still normal quotation sales.

  The overall trend of the spot market is in line with expectations, after all, has entered the December, the spot market in the off-season. It is expected that with the adjustment of sales policies of manufacturers in various regions at the end of the year, traders will store part of the spot glass to effectively alleviate the rapidly increasing inventory of manufacturers. Current manufacturer has not issued relevant preferential policies, direct price adjustment or price, and so on. Traders and processors, on the other hand, have been relatively cautious. On the one hand, there has been no significant reduction in production capacity; on the other hand, it remains to be seen whether demand can start as scheduled after the Spring Festival holiday.