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How About Dimmer Glass? What Are The Functions Of Dimmer Glass?

1. Privacy protection function

The biggest function of dimmer glass is privacy protection, that is, users can adjust the transparent or opaque status of glass at any time.

Smart dimming glass, also known as electrochromic glass, is to control the current size of electrochromic material in glass interlayer to control the depth of glass discoloration and color, can adjust the transmittance of glass and intensity of indoor sunlight in a larger range, make indoor maintain light soft, comfortable and pleasant.Thanks to its adjustable properties, smart dimmers are also used in building sites that require security or privacy protection, and the windowpanes made of them are as convenient as curtains with electronic controls.

2. Projection function

Intelligent dimmer glass is also a very excellent projection hard screen, in the light of the appropriate environment, the projection effect is very outstanding.In the office environment, the dimmer glass can be used to block the space, and the projection requirements can be realized to facilitate team communication and communication.

3. Safety function

Intelligent dimmer glass also has all the advantages of safety glass, including the safety performance of preventing debris spatter after breaking, good resistance strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, and more than 99% of the ultraviolet;As a result of using the process of laminated glass, the film in the dimmer glass will be firm bonding glass, can make the dimmer glass is in the impact of broken, glass shards stick to the film in the middle, will not appear the glass shards splash injury.

4. Protection function

The dimmer film and film in the middle of the dimmer glass can shield more than 90% of infrared and ultraviolet ray, shield infrared ray to reduce thermal radiation and transmission, and shield ultraviolet ray to protect indoor display from fading, aging and other conditions due to ultraviolet radiation, protect indoor personnel from direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation and cause related diseases.The dimmer film and film between the dimmer glass have the effect of sound damping, which can effectively block all kinds of noise.