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Glass Industrial Capacity Will Reach A New High In Following Half Year

Analyzing from supplying end, there are multiple production lines recovered to operate in first half year of 2018. Due to environment protections, cutting down capacity has been replenished by other regions, leading to high supplying amounts in glass industry. Driven by high profits, manufacturers are scheduled to accelerate reproduction speed, which pushes capacity to reach a new high record in recent two years by current plans.  

Studying from demanding end, total orders decline 10 percents along with delaying demanding time frame. Approached by traditional peak season in September and October, glass demands are expected to raise fueled by real estate fields.

However, facing high supplying amounts and increasing quotations, we still need to hold discreet viewpoints regarding future market. Influenced by stringent controls in real estate industry, construction materials market may go through turbulence and impact market confidence.