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Float Glass Production

Process of forming float glass production is on-access protection gas (N2 and H2) done in the tin bath. Continuous flow in the molten glass from the furnace and float in the relative density of Tin on the surface, under the action of gravity and surface tension, Tin in glass surface spread, flatten, forming the upper and lower surface smooth, harden, after cooling is on the transition rollers. Roller rollers rotate, take out of the tin bath into glass annealing furnace, annealing, cutting, got float glass product. Floating method and other forming method compared, its advantages is: for Yu efficient manufacturing quality flat glass, as no wave reinforced, and thickness uniform, and upper and lower surface flat, and each other parallel; line of scale not by forming method of limit, units products of energy low; finished utilization high; easily scientific management and achieved across mechanized, and automation, productivity high; continuous job cycle can up years, conducive to stable to production; can for online production some new varieties provides for conditions, as electric floating method reflection glass, and Cold end of the annealing time spraying glass, surface treatment and so on.

Single tablets floating method glass across sound performance poor, its performance of pros and cons according to GB/T8485-2002 building outside window air across sound performance grading and detection method and GBJ75-1984 building across sound measurement specification, and reference international standards ISO140 and ISO717 on across sound performance index of finds, used meter right across sound volume Rw measure across sound performance index, its units for dB; another a across sound performance index STC can as reference index.