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Float Glass Good Cutting, Easy To Break

Renovation of the glass is essential, one of the most basic is the doors and windows, there are many kinds of glass, ordinary glass, art glass, tempered glass and so on a variety of, that we understand how much float glass? Float glass:

What is float glass?

With the sea sand, quartz sandstone powder, soda ash, dolomite and other raw materials, the melting temperature of the melting furnace, glass from the kiln continuous flow to and floating on the metal surface, the thickness of the uniform formation, the flame polished glass , After cooling hardening from the metal liquid, and then cut by cutting the transparent colorless flat glass. The forming process of the float process is carried out in the tin bath into the protective gas. Float glass is widely used, divided into colored glass, float silver mirror, float glass / car wind level, float glass / various deep processing grade, float glass / scanner grade, float glass / coating level, floating French glass / system level. The ultra-white float glass has a wide range of uses and broad market prospects, mainly used in high-grade construction, high-grade glass processing and solar photovoltaic curtain wall and high-grade glass furniture, decorative glass, imitation crystal products, lighting glass, precision electronics industry, Special buildings and so on.

Advantages of Float Glass:

First float glass is in the tin tank, the glass floating on the surface of tin liquid out. Therefore, this glass is first flat and good, no water ripples. For the mirror, car glass, do not take shape, which is a major advantage. Followed by the float glass selection of ore quartz sand, good raw materials. Produced by the glass pure, transparent and good. Bright, colorless. No glass boil, bubbles and the like. The third is the structure of close, heavy, feel smooth, the same thickness per square meter than the plate than the big, good cutting, easy to break. In addition, the country more than 200 production lines are in strict accordance with national standards of production, this glass is the best glass of civil construction. Its price, compared to the same thickness, only 4 yuan per square meter than the flat glass, the price is more affordable.

What is ultra-white glass?

Ultra-white glass is a super-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low iron glass, high transparent glass. It is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass varieties, light transmission rate of up to 91.5%, with crystal clear, high-grade elegant features, a glass family "Crystal Prince," said. Ultra-white glass at the same time with high-quality float glass with all the processing performance, with superior physical, mechanical and optical properties, like other high-quality float glass as a variety of deep processing. Such as steel, coating, color glaze, hot bending, plastic, hollow assembly. In the field of construction ultra-white glass is not only energy saving, environmental protection, but also to architectural design into fashion, avant-garde architectural style and design concept. Ultra-white glass its superior optical and optoelectronic technology combined in the photoelectric curtain wall shows a new, promising field.

The difference between float glass and ultra white glass:

Float colorless glass with float Ultra white glass From the appearance point of view, the biggest difference is transparency. The former is not strictly required, usually visible light transmission ratio of 89% (3mm), while the ultra-white is a strict requirement, but also to cause the glass color (blue, green) iron oxide content is also strictly defined: visible light transmission ratio is not low In the 91.5% (3mm), iron oxide (Fe2O3) content of not more than 0.015% (ordinary float is about 0.1%, 10 times higher).