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Float Glass Flatness Is Good, No Water Ripples

In the downstream areas of float glass, the real estate market demand accounted for more than 75%, followed by cars, home appliances, exports. The data show that the overall real estate market in 2016 sales significantly improved compared with 2015, the National Bureau of Statistics released data show that 2016 national real estate development investment 10258.1 billion yuan, an increase of 6.90%, the growth rate over the previous year growth of 6.87 %. The main indicators of real estate research, including real estate development investment completion, housing new construction area, housing completion area, real estate sales area. The completion area of domestic real estate has an important impact on the demand for glass, the real estate industry in the construction, decoration part of the extensive use of glass, can directly affect the glass business take the goods and sales. Through the first 10 years of data analysis can also be found, real estate completion area and sales area and glass demand has a high positive correlation.

The process of float production is done in the tin bath into the protective gas. The molten glass flows continuously from the kiln and floats on the surface of the tin liquid with relatively large density. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the molten glass is spread on the tin liquid surface and flattened to form the upper and lower surfaces, harden and cool After being cited as a transition roll table. Roller table roller rotation, the glass out of the tin into the annealing furnace into the furnace, the annealing, cutting, to get flat glass products.

Float glass is China's late 70s of last century, the first by the introduction of the British royal float glass glass production line. It is in the tin tank, the glass floating on the surface of tin liquid out. Therefore, this glass is first flat and good, no water ripples. For the mirror, car glass. Do not face, do not take shape, which is a major advantage.

Followed by the float glass selection of ore quartz sand, good raw materials. Produced by the glass pure, white, good transparency. Bright, colorless. No glass boil, bubbles and the like.

The third is the structure of close, heavy, feel smooth, the same thickness per square meter than the plate than the big, good cutting, easy to break. The country more than 30 production lines are in strict accordance with national standards of production, this glass is the best glass of civil construction. Its price, compared to the same thickness, only 4 yuan per square meter than the flat glass.

As the float glass using high-temperature thermal production, once the ignition will have to continue production, cold repair, heat repair will cost a lot of money, under normal circumstances, the kiln average maintenance in the 5-8 years, the general maintenance period of 3-4 Month, unless the production and operation of enterprises facing serious difficulties, or will not easily stop production. Float glass production continuity and expired cold repair characteristics, so that the mobility adjustment ability is poor, in the economy down when the line can not be discontinued in the boom up and down when production and production lag, resulting in floating glass industry stage shortage and excess more serious. In addition, when the kiln concentrated cooling period of superposition of the upward cycle, it will cause a certain extent in short supply illusion, and increase the capacity of enterprises to increase production capacity.

Float glass because of the long preservation time, inventory composition mainly by the manufacturer inventory and dealer inventory. Although the production controllability is low, but manufacturers and distributors based on their own experience to judge, in different stages of the market with different operational strategies, so that the inventory of certain operational.

In addition to the macroeconomic industry with the industry experienced prosperity, recession, depression, recovery several stages of recycling, glass inventory also showed active, passive to inventory or make up the inventory of different modes of operation. For example, in the middle and lower reaches of the Spring Festival after the end of the period, due to stagnant demand, manufacturers face huge accumulation of pressure, so whether manufacturers or distributors, before this will minimize the stocking, cut inventory.