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Flat Glass Enterprises Attention, The Ministry Of The Environment New Standards

In order to further improve the stationary sources environmental management technical support system, guide and standardize the strong fixed pollution flow accounting work, recently, the ecological environment has released the polluting strength calculation technology guide plate glass manufacture "strong" polluting "technical guidelines for coking chemical industry accounting. Suitable for used float, pressure and other technology manufacturing of flat glass and electronic industrial solar cell glass (thin film solar cells with substrate glass, crystalline silicon solar cells with encapsulated glass, etc.) of the production process of waste gas, waste water, noise, solid waste pollution flow calculation.

It is reported that the standard was formulated by the department of environmental impact assessment and emission management of the ministry of ecological environment, the department of regulations and standards, the main drafting units for the ministry of environmental protection environmental engineering evaluation center and bengbu glass industrial design and research institute co., LTD.

The standard will come into effect on January 1, 2019.