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Domestic Soda Market Analysis And Aftermarket Forecast

  1. Supply side: although the price of soda ash in some regions has been reduced, the price of soda ash is still running at a high level. End users are more resistant to the high price of soda ash, and they are less motivated to take goods and mainly wait and see. However, from last week, the downstream started to enter a wave of goods preparation in advance, resulting in the shortage of soda ash supplies in many areas, and it is difficult to pick up the goods. It is estimated that the logistics problems will be alleviated before and after January 22.

  2. demand side: near the Spring Festival, light alkali downstream printing and dyeing, alumina and other industries have entered the off-season, coupled with environmental inspection, some small factories in advance of the holiday production, the current light alkali regional market performance is different, in the market to buy up not to buy down the mentality, manufacturers are not motivated to take goods, light alkali demand has decreased; Light alkali prices to some extent, let heavy alkali compression, affected by the current market trend as well as the lunar New Year holiday, float glass into the off-season, began to cut off for glass processing enterprises from the north to the south, but the float glass production capacity expansion this year, affect basic in the cold, but the drop in demand has prompted glass factory has the pressure.

  3. After-market forecast: on the whole, the downstream demand of soda ash is still not improved, and soda soda manufacturers are actively trading goods for quantity, leading to intensified bearish mentality and low price phenomenon. In addition, the Spring Festival is coming, except for the downstream steel users need to stock up, some small factories stop production in advance for the holiday. Still need to pay attention to is that the current high price of soda ash, the downstream hope to fall expectations are high, market confidence is insufficient, negative occupy, is expected later soda ash market will be under pressure downward, as the market.