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Demand Into A Glass Futures Rebound Roadblock

Since November 2018, glass futures have moved higher in volatility and are now at three-month highs.As of yesterday's close, the main glass futures contract closed at 1323 yuan/ton, up 0.92 percent on the day.Analysts pointed out that the recent rally in the glass market is mainly boosted by the macro real estate regulatory easing and monetary easing of the good, as good cash, fundamental demand pessimistic pressure will be gradually reflected in the price, glass futures before the Spring Festival is easy to fall hard to rise.

Confidence in the glass market has declined

Spot market, the recent trend of glass prices can be, manufacturers out of the general situation, market confidence performance is not good.

Market personage expresses, at present vitreous production enterprise is given priority to with increasing go out of storage and return fund, partial area market price clinchs a deal agile, market confidence is sequential abate somewhat.With the end of the downstream market deadline, procurement enthusiasm has declined.Glass market production and sales rate declined slightly, manufacturers out of the warehouse situation has slowed down, some manufacturers inventory month-on-month small increase.

"The spot price of glass in many places in China has been lowered, the impact of the off-season has been intensified, the demand continues to decline, the orders of downstream enterprises decrease, the purchase of raw materials slows down, the market expectation is cautious, the intention of winter storage is not high, and the delivery of production enterprises continues to slow down.Cold repair production line increase and most enterprises capital situation is fair, so that the production enterprises continue to price sales."" but historically, glass inventories will enter an accelerated accumulation phase in the january-february period." "Founder medium-term futures analyst tang binghua said.

Macro good dissipation before the Spring Festival is easy to fall hard to rise

For glass futures rebound recently, from the macro view, Shang Bing China analysis, to hedge against the economic downward pressure, domestic, the adjustment of macroeconomic policies, domestic eased much real estate regulation policy, at the same time the central bank must further easing of monetary policy, glass weakening demand pessimistic expectations, spot prices have rebounded.