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China's First Float 8.5 Generation Tft-lcd Glass Substrate Production Line Is About To Go Into Production

  On the afternoon of January 13th, kaisheng technology group co., ltd. held a simple and enthusiastic engineering pledge conference in bengbu zhongguang optoelectronic technology co., LTD., which fully blew the horn for the completion of the ignition and production of China's first float 8.5 generation tft-lcd glass substrate demonstration line. Kaisheng group chairman, party secretary of science and technology, photoelectric chairman in bengbu Peng Shou to attend the conference and the important speech, kaisheng technology group presided over by the standing deputy general manager maibor assembly, bengbu photoelectric general manager Paul chang solemnly took oath, in the Chinese building materials engineering group vice President and chief engineer GeChengQuan, bengbu college, vice President of the soup red and other leaders to attend the meeting.

  More than 200 engineers, builders and participants collectively swear that "for the cause of new glass materials of the motherland, for the leap-forward development of triumph group, we undertake the 8.5 generation project with glorious mission and great responsibility. We will never forget our original intention, unite and fight, overcome difficulties and difficulties, and live up to our great trust. We will resolutely complete the target and task assigned by the group, make contributions to the "655" strategy of triumph group, and present a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with the first piece of 8.5-generation TFT glass in China!