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China's Daily Glass Consumption Of Quartz Sand Is 20 Million Tons Per Year

    In 2017, the total output of China's household glass industry was 2.807 million tons, up 3.15 percent year-on-year. The main business revenue was 164.72 billion yuan, up 5.95 percent year-on-year. The industrial development continued the history of 20 consecutive years of positive growth in output and output from 1998 to 2017.

There are 9 special regions and industrial clusters of China's daily glass:

Pujiang county, zhejiang province -- China's crystal glass capital

Qi county, Shanxi Province -- the glass capital of China

Boshan district, zibo city, shandong province -- hometown of Chinese colored glaze

Fengyang county, anhui province -- China Daily glass industry base

Eight steep town of boshan, zibo -- a famous town of China Daily glass industry

Qingping town, hechuan district, chongqing -- China Daily glass industry base

Dezhou jinghua - China hollow brick production and research base

Jiangsu changshu shajiabang - China glass mould

Hejian city, hebei province -- China's production base of heat-resistant glass