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Characteristics Of Float Glass

For floating method glass for, due to thickness of uniform sex compared good, its products of transparency also compared strong, so after Tin surface of processing, compared smooth, in smooth of role Xia flame and polishing of role Xia, formed has a surface compared neatly, and plane degrees than better, optical performance compared strong of glass, this floating method glass of decorative characteristics special good, more has good of transparency, and bright sex, and pure sex, and and indoor of light bright, features, vision of broad performance, while also to has building doors and Windows, and Natural lighting is the best material of choice, is one of the extremely rich materials, it can be said that kind of variety in architectural glass, the largest float glass applications, to glass processing is one of the most important original film. Ultra clear float glass with transparent purity best as the main feature.

Float glass production is unprecedented for a new career in China, in the absence of any useful information, began experimental production encountered wave after wave of challenges. No designer, building material specialists and vast numbers of scientific and technical personnel in the boiler room of the Luoyang float glass designs, sketch a construction. No large lathe equipment, Luoyang float glass fitters who use the Tinker tinkering way, processing 25 m small tin bath on site. Encountered one of the most important challenges in production are: high temperature glass of water through a tin bath likely to clot, resulting in uneven glass. Sometimes the glass of water splashing about in the tin bath, workers everywhere are injured. Luoyang float glass technician after a long thinking, tin bath in the upper design of electrical heating equipment, glass of water through a tin bath easily solves the problem of condensation. They then developed the glass edge roller, carefully designed speed, angle, depth, and forming part of the process by modifying the shape, glass is wider, lower and more flat, quality is getting higher. On September 23, 1971, the Luoyang float glass the cadres and workers, in the Department of leadership, under the guidance of experts, units of the full cooperation of the brothers, heal for 3 months, and finally succeeded in building the first float glass production line, to produce the first float glass in China. Mechanical strength, smoothness and transparency are better than the other flat glass. Luoyang float glass with a superhuman intelligence and hard work, a float of the Chinese dream.