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Break The Monopoly Of Foreign Enterprises In Domestic Special Glass Production

Good news for "made in China" special glass.On January 23, chongqing xinjing special glass co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as xinjing special glass), located in the new water and soil high-tech park of liangjiang new area, announced that the high-aluminum-silicon glass produced by floating process has realized mass production.

According to introducing, content of alumina of this kind of glass achieves 18% above, product performance index achieves international advanced level, the product enters aviation formally, new energy car, intelligent home appliance to touch control the market domain such as screen.This move not only marks the small batch production of xinjingtebo's high-aluminum-silicon glass, but also means that China's special glass manufacturing level represented by xinjingtebo ranks among the world's advanced level.

As a high-end special functional material, high aluminum-silicon glass has the characteristics of high strength, scratch resistance and impact resistance. It can not only be widely used in electronic information products, but also provide key basic materials for automobile, high-speed railway, aviation and other industries and national defense equipment.For a long time, our country high alumina silicon glass market has been monopolized by foreign countries.