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Creation classic annual meeting 2018

On 29th, Dec2018, Qingdao Creation Classic held the 2018 Annual Meeting at Jinshi International Hotel in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao. Our chairman and  general manager, sales department,purchasing department,design department,finance department and administrative department attended this meeting. Through colorful talent and art performances, the enthusiasm of employees is mobilized, and the sense of belonging and identity of employees to enterprises is enhanced.

The annual meeting started with an enthusiastic grasp money dance, which implies that we have a large number of orders and prosperous business in 2018. Following that, the staff of every department showed their strengths, including singing, dancing, sketches and magic performances, which won applause and cheers from the audience. After enjoying the company's elaborate dinner, we played various games to increase our tacit understanding.

The final draw pushed the l meeting to a climax. Happy moments are always so short that our annual meeting is drawing to a close in laughter and cheerful voices.

2019 is a new starting point, spanning passion, win-win future, we are full of confidence, would like to create a better future with the creation classic.