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Analysis Of New Glass Market Trends

Glass is absolutely no stranger to everyone. Glass is something that everyone has seen and touched, but did you think of it? A wide range of new types of glass are playing an important role

Nowadays, many families like to use glass tableware, but the glass is easy to break. What should I do? Don't be afraid, glass-ceramics can help you solve this problem. Glass-ceramics are harder than steel. And it is almost not heated, not cold. If the glass-ceramic is placed on an ice cube and poured into a boiling metal solution, the glass-ceramic is still intact. Use it to make dishes and pans, not only can not be broken, not broken, but also resistant to high temperatures. Using it as a tool can also cut iron. It is used as a cover for the missile head to better withstand the high temperatures generated during high-speed flight.

In the winter, many students wearing glasses will be covered with water vapor and can't see things, which is annoying. But it doesn't matter, I have invented the drowning glass, and the water droplets on it will form a dot like a drop of water on the lotus leaf. Cars are equipped with this kind of glass. When it rains, you can not use the wiper. The periscope on the submarine uses this glass and will not be covered by water marks.

There are not only these new types of glass, but more new types of glass are waiting for us to invent and create.