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Silver Mirror Not Easy To Oxidation, More Bright Color

The first step, see the silver mirror and aluminum mirror reflection resolution distinction

Silver mirror is much more clear than the aluminum mirror, the object light source geometric angle is more standardized. Aluminum mirror reflectivity is low, ordinary aluminum mirror reflection performance of about 70%, shape and color easily distorted, and short life, poor corrosion resistance, in Europe and the United States has been completely eliminated. However, aluminum is easy to mass production, raw materials are relatively low cost. The following are the same as the "

The second step, see the silver mirror and aluminum mirror back coating distinction

 General silver mirror has two or more paint protection. The back of the silver mirror is gray and the back of the bronze mirror is red.

The third step, contrast to distinguish between silver mirror and aluminum mirror

Silver mirror, aluminum mirror from the front mirror to identify the color is: silver mirror is dark, bright color, aluminum mirror is white and bright, color hair bleaching (price in the tens of dollars). So silver mirror from the color to distinguish: the color of the back is gray, the color of the front color deep, dark light. Two put together, shiny, white is the aluminum mirror.

Other knowledge added

Silver mirror, the appearance of aluminum mirror is very similar, but the use of silver mirror material cost is significantly higher than the aluminum mirror, not only that, on labor costs, the silver mirror production process is also more complex, of course, price and texture will be the difference.

Specifically, the difference between a silver mirror for the silver plating composition, and aluminum mirror with the metal aluminum: the difference between the two, the price of silver mirror is much higher than the price of aluminum mirror, silver mirror general price of about 300 yuan / Aluminum mirror price of about 150 yuan / square meter; difference three, from the brightness of speaking, silver mirror refraction performance is better than aluminum mirror, in the same light intensity irradiation, the silver mirror will appear more bright.

Then the art of art glass on the market a wide range of colors, in terms of quality, select the art of plastic mirror should pay attention to choose silver-plated mirror, avoid aluminum, silver mirror is relatively more stable quality, easy to oxidation, more bright color; The mirror is easy to oxidize, the color is relatively dull.

Raw materials to moisture, anti-oxidation mirror-based, high-quality float glass as the original film, followed by pure water cleaning and polishing, spraying sensitization, silver, copper. Not only make your living room more transparent and bright to play the role of "enlarge" space!