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Insulated Glass Long-term Use Without Maintenance

Insulated Glass FRP Insulated Ladder is the use of glass fiber, unsaturated resin and other large composite materials by high temperature polymerization, pultrusion rectangular hollow structure, but the strength can be with steel shoulder, not only, it also has eight performance characteristics. Summary of China glass fiber micro-letter platform The eight performance features of FRP insulated ladder are as follows:

Corrosion resistance, not rust: FRP insulated ladder has excellent corrosion resistance, ability to different levels of acid, alkali, organic solvents and salts and other gases, liquid media corrosion, never rust, according to the actual use of the media type and temperature requirements, there are O-benzene type, benzene type, vinyl type, such as the choice to use.

Lightweight high-strength: Pultrusion process Molding FRP profiles with very high glass fiber content (more than 60%), so that the unidirectional ratio of strength and stiffness is quite prominent, the density of FRP is only about one-fourth of steel, light weight,Insulated Glass very easy to carry, thereby reducing the cost of handling.

Pultruded FRP profiles of different shapes

Anti-Fatigue: FRP insulated ladder has high anti-fatigue strength, allowing repeated bending without permanent deformation.

Bright color: FRP insulated ladder color is in the profile production process to add no need to paint the natural, has a good visual effect, and has a certain role in vigilance.

Anti-Aging: FRP insulated ladder selection of high-quality pultruded FRP profile production, product life expectancy of up to 20 years, and in all pultruded FRP profiles in the formula are added Anti-ultraviolet agent to obtain the best anti-ultraviolet effect.

FRP Ladder

Easy maintenance: pultruded FRP insulation Ladder is the pigment deployment to the resin produced, product color can be requested by the customer arbitrary deployment, not easy to fade, no paint maintenance and has self-cleaning effect.

Excellent electromagnetic properties: FRP insulated ladder has excellent electrical insulation, electromagnetic and electric spark, can be used in the conductive hazard,Insulated Glass magnetic sensitive equipment areas, as well as flammable and explosive sites.

FRP Insulated Ladder

Good economic benefits: FRP insulated Ladder production process using automatic control, product quality is stable; no corner scrap in the production process, high utilization rate of raw materials, high production efficiency, low labor cost, product length can be arbitrarily cut according to need, cut waste less, long-term use without maintenance.

Insulating FRP pultruded profile Good product performance

Insulation is the use of FRP pultruded profiles as the main use of areas: paper, mobile communications, transportation, petrochemical, water/sewage treatment, electrical appliances, building and civil construction materials, corrosion-resistant equipment, garden farming, daily necessities, sports and entertainment and civil areas. There are many kinds of FRP pultruded profiles, FRP round pipes, FRP square tubes, FRP rectangular tubes, FRP rods, FRP beams and so on.

The basic components of pultruded FRP profiles are resin and fiberglass (including cloth, felts, etc.), which is made of fiber (including fiberglass, carbon fiber, organic fiber and other metal, non-metallic fiber) as reinforcing material to resin (mainly epoxy resin). Polyester resin, phenolic resin) as a binder, supplemented by other auxiliary materials (main accessories: Release agent, curing agent, catalyst, sealing agent, UV light stabilizer, clean mold water, plastic clothing, etc.) compound. It has a series of excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, small proportion, low moisture absorption, small elongation and good insulation.

FRP pultruded profiles Good dimensional stability folding thermosetting tree ester matrix in the process of heating effect cross-linked form the shape of the network structure, the product in the normal size stability, after the formation of shrinkage after the occurrence of small. The change of the shape and size of the products under the continuous loading of long time is very small, that is, creep. The creep performance depends on the size of the load, the temperature and the length of the loading time. Under the condition of fixed load and temperature,Insulated Glass the creep of thermosetting plastics is much smaller than that of thermoplastic under long time loading.

Superior heat-resistant, high-temperature-resistant properties Folding thermosetting tree ester matrix composites can no longer soften, and its products are stable in heat resistance, with 1.86MPa load measurement, generally its thermal deformation temperature in the 150, and fiber reinforced thermosetting plastic is a good thermal insulation material, its thermal conductivity is generally 0.35.47w (M. k), only 1/100 to 1/1000 of the metal, which can be used as a good thermal insulation material and instantaneous high-temperature resistance materials, The thermal deformation temperature of the material can be up to 350 Shan, which can be used as normal temperature and high-temperature structural materials. Fiberglass/phenolic resin is a good insulating material for rockets and missile engines.

FRP pultruded profiles Good surface characteristics folding composite materials and chemical media in contact with very few corrosion products, but also very little scaling, so commonly used in the production of fluid pipelines, its pipeline resistance is very small, friction coefficient is low, Insulated Glass saving a lot of power. Because composite materials are generally not as easy to produce metal ions as metal pollution media, so this is the food and pharmaceutical industry widely used composite products. In addition, the composite material has a very high friction (PV) limit value, in the water lubrication conditions, its friction coefficient is very small, about 0.01 ~ 0.03, so it is also the selection of wear-resistant materials.