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3D Glass Is Currently On The Eve Of An Outbreak!

3D glass is mainly used for the glass cover of mobile phones, mainly compared with traditional 2D glass and 2.5d glass. 2D glass is traditional flat glass without any curved design. 2.5d glass is flat in the middle, but curved in the edge, which is mainly carved by glass engraving machine. And 3D glass USES arc design in both the middle and the edge.

In the next three years, with the extensive use of OLED screen, 3D glass cover board is bound to be the trend. Logic combined with the development of the metal casing, and intelligent mobile terminal rapid upgrading, estimates that 2020 of 3 d mobile phone glass cover demand will hit 1 billion, if consider 80% positive cell phone back cover plate to use 3 d glass also use 3 d curved surface glass, you may need to 2 billion 3 d flat glass, predictably, prospects of the development of 3 d mobile phone glass cover is huge.