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2018 Annual Work Summary Meeting

In order to welcome the arrival of 2019, on 29th,DEC, 2018, Qingdao Creation Classic Glass Co., Ltd. held the 2018 annual work summary meeting at the Jinshi International Hotel in Qingdao West Coast New Area. company's chairman, general manager, sales department, procurement department, design department, financial department and all the personnel of the administrative department attended . This meeting has inspired the morale of the staff and strengthened the pace of our future.

Firstly, Mr. Malin, the chairman of the company, made an analysis and comment on the work of the past year, and made a summary report of the annual work in 2018. At the same time, he made an overall plan for the development of the company in 2019, aiming at defining the development goals, adhering to the development strategy and striving to become the leader of the glass industry in the near future. 

 Then, Ms. Amy, the general manager of the company, made a comprehensive analysis of the glass industry in 2018, the domestic and foreign markets and the annual sales of our company, which made us more confident about the future, not forgetting our hearts, forging ahead, and believing that we will create brilliance together in 2019. 

Applause rang out several times during the meeting, and there was always a warm and happy atmosphere. The company specially awarded awards and trophies for outstanding employees and sales champions in 2018. Through commendation and incentives, the company stimulated the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees. One year's hard work in exchange for today's dream achievements, we will work harder in the future. 



At the end of the meeting, all the members of Qingdao Creation Classic took a group photo as a souvenir picture.



 The Meeting is successful and we believe that our future will be better in 2019.