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Why does the tempered glass implode?

Factors affecting cracking of tempered glass:

1. Glass damage factors: due to careless handling, installation and maintenance of the glass surface and edges, the blast hole, surface corrosion and edge breakage are easy to damage the stress of tempered glass and cause self-explosion of tempered glass.

2. Installation factors: during the installation process, if the mounting clearance is small or the glass is directly in contact with the frame, the expansion coefficient of the glass and the frame is not the same under the sunlight, which will easily cause the edge or corner of the glass to produce squeeze pressure and induce the cracking of tempered glass.

3. Glass processing factors: tempered glass with drilling or cutting Angle is easy to burst.

4. Natural factors: strong typhoon and other wind disasters lead to failure of wind pressure design, which can cause cracking of tempered glass.

Methods to reduce self-explosion of tempered glass:

1) use original tablets containing less nickel sulphide calculi, that is, use high-quality original tablets;

2) avoid excessive glass tempering stress;

3) second heat treatment of tempered glass is usually called detonation or homogenization. The second heat treatment is generally divided into three stages: heating, heat preservation and cooling. Rising to the surface of the glass temperature from room temperature to 280 ℃; Heat preservation stage for all glass surface temperature of 290 ℃ plus or minus 10 ℃, and at least 2 h this process; After cooling stage from complete glass insulation stage began to process, when the room temperature is 75 ℃; The second heat treatment process should avoid the temperature over 320 ℃, the glass surface temperature over 300 ℃, otherwise the toughened glass stress relaxation due to overheating, which affect its safety.

4. Put high-performance polyester film on the glass. Polyester film is commonly known as the safety explosion-proof film. When the glass breaks down for various reasons, it can stick to glass fragments to prevent flying, protect the people inside and outside the building from the hazards of flying glass fragments, and it is difficult for wind, rain and other foreign objects to cause damage to the interior. The safety explosion-proof film can be connected with the frame edge system together with the organic glue, forming a glass film protective system to prevent falling.