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What's the difference between crystal and glass

Crystals and glass look very similar, but are two very different substances.The main differences are as follows:

One, material is different

Crystals are crystals of silica, while glass is only a molten mixture containing silica.

2. Different functions

Glass only has adornment effect, and crystal besides adornment effect, still have piezoelectric effect.

The price is different

The unit price of crystal is several times or even dozens times higher than glass.

Physical properties are different

1. Crystal is crystallized and has a higher hardness (level 7 of mohs), while glass has a lower hardness (level 5.5 of mohs). The crystal can mark the glass, but not the other way around.

2. Crystal is crystal, which has good thermal conductivity. It feels cold when you touch it with the tip of your tongue.The glass is warm.

Use a polarizing lens to distinguish between crystal and glass.

We can easily distinguish crystal and glass according to their different physical properties.

V. different processing techniques

Glass can be hot cast molding, materials and labor cost savings.

Crystal is crystal, after heating melting can not be reversed, so hot casting method cannot be used, such as grinding cold processing.The cost is high.