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What kinds of safety glass are available

At present the safety glass on market basically has 4 kinds: toughened glass, sandwich glass, half toughened sandwich glass, toughened sandwich glass.Among them interlayer glass price is higher, the price of 5 millimeter thick interlayer glass commonly is in every square metre 130 yuan;And toughened glass is opposite cheap, same ply is 5 millimeter, its price is in 50 yuan per square metre only.

When tempered glass is broken, the whole glass is broken into small particles, which is not easy to hurt people.However, once broken, this glass does not prevent the glass impingers from penetrating and falling to the ground. If the pieces do not fall from a very high place, since the pieces of glass are small and harmless, the damage to the people and property below will be reduced to a small extent.

Laminated glass will be firmly adhered to the transparent adhesive material without splashing or falling in case of fragmentation.If this kind of glass is used, add the whole frame, in the case that the impact leading to the rupture is not particularly strong, the debris will remain in the frame without splashing, and it can also protect the wind and rain for a short time, so that the people and objects inside the building from damage.

Semi-toughened sandwich glass is a semi-toughened sandwich glass formed by two pieces of semi-toughened glass through a sandwich.In the case of shattering, the glass will be broken into large pieces like annealed glass.However, when the glass is broken, pieces of the glass will adhere firmly to the transparent binder without flying or falling.Similarly, if the glass has a full frame and the impact leading to the rupture is not strong, it is less likely that large pieces will fall.

Tempered laminated glass is a kind of tempered laminated safety glass formed by two pieces of tempered safety glass through lamination.When broken, the glass is broken into small particles at obtuse angles.The debris will adhere firmly to the transparent binder and will not injure people.But in the case of two pieces of glass also broken, may appear as a whole piece of sandwich glass dropped out of the frame.

In contrast, floating plate glass, single semi-tempered glass (heat strengthened glass), single wire glass and other glass are not safety glass. When broken, the whole glass crack starts to expand from the hit point to the edge, forming radial fragments with sharp fragments that are easy to hurt people.