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What is the quality standard for tempered glass

1. The standard thickness of tempered glass is 3.2mm, and the allowable deviation is 0.2mm.

2. The size of the tempered glass is 1574*802mm, with the allowable deviation of 0.5mm and the allowable deviation of two diagonals of 0.7mm.

3. Each meter of tempered glass is allowed to have a length of no more than 10mm on the edge, a depth of no more than 2mm from the edge of the glass to the surface of the glass plate, and a blasting edge of no more than one-third of the thickness of the glass from the other side of the plate.

4. Concentrated bubbles with a length less than 1mm are not allowed inside the tempered glass. For bubbles with a length greater than 1mm but not greater than 6mm, there shall be no more than 6 bubbles per square meter.

5. No stones, cracks or missing angles are allowed.

6. The transmission ratio of tempered glass in visible light band is not less than 90%.

7. The width of tempered glass surface per square meter is allowed to be less than 0.1mm, the number of scratches with the length less than 50mm is not more than 4, and the scratches with the width of 0.1-0.5mm and the length less than 50mm per square meter are not more than 1.

8. Corrugated glass is not allowed to bend, and bow bending is not allowed to exceed 0.2%. According to the provisions of GB/ t9963-1998 4.4,4.5 and 4.6, the number of fragments in a 50mm*50mm area must be more than 40.