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What is glass in tall buildings

I. division of high-rise buildings:

According to the general principles of civil building design, building height and floor number are divided.

1. According to the number of floors, residential buildings are divided into :1-3 floors for the lower level; 4-6 layers are multi-layer; Floors 7-9 are middle and high floors. Above 10 floors are high-rise buildings.

2. The public buildings and comprehensive buildings with a total height of more than 24 meters are high-rise buildings (excluding single-storey main buildings with a height of more than 24 meters).

3, when the building height exceeds 100, both residential and public buildings are super high-rise.

Safety glass shall be used in the following parts of buildings requiring glass as building materials:

1. Windows on the 7th floor and above.

2, the area (the transparent part of the glass) is greater than 1.5 square meters of window glass, glass bottom from the decoration surface is less than 500mm French window.

3, the entrance and exit of public buildings, entrance hall and other parts of the door glass, installed in the glass above the door, installed on both sides of the glass.