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Transmittance glass

Glass is widely used in our daily life, and more and more demands are made on it, such as mobile phone screen glass, TV screen glass, computer monitor glass, lamp glass, tablet computer glass, instrument protective screen glass and so on.Now it's not just a matter of basic glass processing requirements (for example, the grinding requirements, no air bubbles and scratches on the surface, no fingerprints, etc.).Display protective glass like this require light transmittance.The higher the transmittance, the better and clearer the display effect.So which kind of glass has the best light transmittance?

The transmittance of glass refers to the percentage of the luminous flux when light passes through glass and the incident luminous flux.

The average transmittance of white glass is about 82-83%.

The light transmittance of super white glass is 89-91% commonly, the light transmittance that individual manufacturer produces can reach even 92%.Ultra - white glass is now very widely used, a large number of use in the display, the price is more reasonable.

AR glass has a penetration rate of 95%, and even some AR glass has the highest peak of visible light transmittance of 99%. AR glass significantly increases the brightness of some products, such as the monitor, and makes the color more gorgeous. AR glass has some features of anti-ultraviolet and effective eye protection, but its price is also much more expensive than other glass.

The sort of glass already a lot of, can choose different glass according to oneself now product and effect, vitreous industry also will go toward taller direction development.