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Super energy-saving glass - three silver low-e

At present, the three-silver low-e glass is a kind of architectural glass that is recognized to be more energy efficient and more in line with human needs in the world's architecture field. Its outstanding advantages are reflected in:

High visible light transmission ratio ensures adequate indoor natural lighting;

Low solar infrared thermal transmittance;

Lower heat transfer coefficient;

In the total energy of solar radiation, visible light takes up about 47% and infrared ray takes up 51%, among which the energy of visible light only affects human eyes, while the energy of infrared ray produces heat energy.It is this part of the heat that passes through the glass that increases the load on the air conditioning and produces a feeling of heat.

This energy is distributed within a range of 780 -- 2500 microns (the region on the right of the vertical line in the figure), and the proportion of energy passing through the glass can be measured by the total transmittance of solar infrared heat energy.

Tri-silver low-e has a very Low "total transmission ratio of solar infrared thermal energy". The solar thermal energy through tri-silver low-e is only about 15% of that of single-silver low-e, and figuratively speaking, "tri-silver low-e filters the sunlight into a cold light source".